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man weeding in garden
One year of seeds equals seven years of weeds!

Weeds can be defined as plants that grow where they are not wanted. However, invasive and hard-to-control weeds can cause serious problems by choking out desirable flowers, vegetables, and lawns. If you have spent time and money to make your yard look good, getting rid of these weeds can be a never-ending challenge.

Don't let unwanted weeds take away the beauty of your yard. Win the weed war by following these tips.

battery operated string-trimmer

Equip yourself for battle.

  • Wear the uniform. Your gardening uniform should include a hat and sunblock to prevent sunburn, boots, gloves, and clothing to protect against prickly plants, soil, and weed killers.
  • Use the right tools. A garden trowel, hand rake, hoe, and shovel are gardening essentials.

Get them while they’re young.

  • Start in early spring, before they spread and establish strong root systems. By doing this, your chosen plants won't have to fight for space to grow.
  • Learn to identify weeds and remove them when they are young. Pulling small, young weeds is easier and will reduce the chance of spreading.

battery operated string-trimmer

Don’t leave the roots behind.

  • Take time to wiggle the roots free and pull along with the leaves. If you get all the roots, it will lessen or eliminate the chance of it returning.

  • Weed often.

  • Once you get your weeds under control, don’t let your guard down. Check your yard regularly and remove any that pop up immediately.

  • Master mulching.

  • Mulching chokes out weed seeds, cools the soil, and retains moisture while beautifying your garden. We recommend organic mulch that can be found at any garden center. Mixing in a weed preventer will also help.

  • Avoid over-cultivating

  • Over-cultivating can bring weed seeds to the surface where they can germinate due to sunlight exposure.

  • battery operated string-trimmer

    Weeding at the right time will make it easier.

    • If you are hand-weeding, it is best to do it in the mornings or after a rain shower when the soil is damp. This makes it easier to pull out the weeds. If the soil is dry, watering before weeding can help.
    • If you are using a hoe or garden tool, it is better to do it when the ground is dry and harder. The weeds will dry out and have less chance of re-rooting. Be careful not to damage the root structure of your plants when using tools close to them.

    Use sprays when necessary.

  • There are commercial herbicides and home solutions that are effective and safe for the environment. Research before using them and ensure that you only target the weeds to avoid harming your plants.

  • Weeding is here to stay, but if you follow these tips, it will be faster, easier, and your yard will look it's best all summer long.

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