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Understanding the differences between hardscape and softscape will help determine if you need a pro.

There are two main components in landscape design – Hardscape and Softscape. Hardscape refers to permanent, foundational elements such as stone and rock, patios and driveways, walls, stairways, waterfalls, and ponds – construction that permanently changes your yard's physical characteristics. Softscape pertains to horticultural, and aesthetic landscape elements, such as lawns, shrubs, trees, vegetable gardens, flower gardens, soil, and bark. Your landscape project will most likely combine both elements.

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terracing a hillside

backhoe installing boulder

huge flagstone slabs

pouring concrete into concrete forms

backhoe sitting on gravel pile

concrete trucks

When considering a landscape project, determining if any hardscaping is desired or required may resolve if a landscape firm is needed to do the construction. Hardscaping is typically beyond the capabilities of the average homeowner. It requires expertise in landscape construction, the availability of and ability to operate heavy equipment, and the knowledge, experience, and ability to determine and provide appropriate materials.

A study by Virginia State University revealed that the three most significant requirements to increase the chance of a higher ROI (return on investment) for landscaping expenses are: 

  • Major earth moving like terracing a hillside or building a retaining wall
  • Installing large boulders for accents, walls or benches
  • Installing driveways, walkways, stairways and patios
  • Building water features like ponds, waterfalls,streams, outdoor kitchens and fire pits

As expected, hardscaping uses hard materials and heavy equipment. Common materials used in hardscaping are:

  • Large rocks & boulders
  • Flagstone
  • Pavers
  • Brick
  • Concrete

Common equipment required for hardscaping are:

  • Bulldozers and Graders
  • Backhoes & Excavators
  • Large trucks & trailers

A landscape project that only requires softscaping may not need a landscape company. If it is a gardening or maintenance project, your time and budget may be the main determining factors. If, on the other hand, it involves a larger project that will include a design plan, horticultural knowledge and experience or a large property that you could never softscape yourself, a landscape professional is your best option. Having a professional design and build your landscape, even though little hardscaping may be required, offers several valuable benefits.?

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tree photo

Gas fire pit centered on random flagstone patio.

flagstone pathway through lush garden

lush garden entry

garden grasses

  • Landscape designers are educated and artistic. They understand the best use of land, what plants are best where, how to meet your maintenance needs and most of all, how to design your landscape to look fantastic once completed and become more beautiful as the years pass.
  • Landscape professionals understand how to identify and solve potential issues involving water, soil, sun, and shade.
  • They have the beef! – the manpower and equipment to perform the job correctly and efficiently.

Is a landscape firm the best choice for your project? Here are a few questions that may help your decision.

Do you need any hardscaping?

  • A patio, walkway or driveway built?
  • Retaining wall or teraforming?
  • Boulder benches or accents?
  • Water feature or fire pit?

Do you need water remediation or hillside control?

Does your project need a design plan?

Do you need horticultural expertise?

Is your project too large for you to handle?

If you answered "yes" to one or more of these questions, hiring a landscape professional may be your best or only option.

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