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WHAT WE DO: Complete landscape design/builds with a $15,000 MINIMUM PROJECT BUDGET.

WHAT WE DON'T DO: Landscape maintenance, sod and mulch, planting, and tree services unless connected to a complete landscape design/build project.

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reynolds landscape team
We create landscapes that bring organization to nature’s chaos by adding function and beauty to your environment while enhancing your personal lifestyle.

Founded by James Reynolds in 1987, Reynolds Landscape has a proven reputation of unparalleled service, competitive pricing and unique creativity. Our landscape designs are guided by our core principle, "The intelligent use of nature™." It relates to the conscious, thought-out application of nature's beauty to functional human space. Our goal is that, when completed, your landscape will look as if it was formed by nature guided by the artistry of man.

Below is a list of our services. We do it all. If you don't see a service listed, please give us a call to see if we can help.

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landscape design plans Design Plans

The best design clearly illustrates what you want and expect so we can confidently evaluate costs and determine schedules.

You will receive expert guidance from our talented designers in every aspect of the project.

  • Right plant, right place guidance to ensure every plant will thrive.
  • Patio, walkway, and driveway hardscape material options and their benefits.
  • Water features, fire pits, and structures that provide function and beauty.
  • Terrain and drainage challenges that may affect construction.

After you and our designer come to a clear understanding of what you envision and the project scope, a design plan will be drawn. After you review and approve the plan, our skilled crews will use it as a blueprint to build the landscape of your dreams.

patio border plantings Drainage Resolution

Grading the land so water runs away from the house and amending the native soil with sandy topsoil fixes a host of drainage issues. Adding drains and channeling water to a rain garden or other appropriate location will make your yard more useable. Grading and sculpting your property can provide optimal use of the space you have. If it is too flat, adding raised beds will add character. Where a slope seems impossible to tame, creating stairways and terraces will add useable space and make the garden more manageable.

river rock drainage with flagstone bridge Fire Pits & Fireplaces

Years before fire pits became popular, Reynolds Landscape was advocating them. These years of experience has resulted in an expertise incomparable in the industry. Not only does Reynolds Landscape build fire pits, they build fire pit rooms, complete with flagstone and paver patios, massive boulder benches and dry stack sitting walls, to create an environment that inspires friendship and family.

aggregate driveway with brushed colored borders Water Features

There's just something about water. A quiet reflection pool calms and inspires. Waterfalls add the comforting trickle and splash of flowing water to your outdoor experience. Large urns and bird bath boulders are an attractive garden feature and create habitats for birds. New water feature technology allows for a host of options including super-low maintenance features that circulate water so there is no standing water in ponds.

patio border plantings Planting

“Right plant, right place” is a mantra we use in the garden business. Setting plants into their proper environment helps them to thrive and need less care. Shade plants belong in the shade. If a sandy hillside faces full afternoon sun, there are many plants which will thrive in these conditions. Where the native area is naturally damp and wet, using plants which love water works best. In the long term if we practice “right plant, right place” horticulture, we can greatly reduce the need for un-needed chemicals or excess watering.

dimensional blue flagstone patio Patios & Pathways

As individual as you are, patios and pathways can be designed and built with the look, feel and function that's right for you. Paver patios and walkways, flagstone patios and walkways, dimensional bluestone patios and walkways, stamped concrete patios and walkways – whatever you may dream, we can build.

tall column rock screen Stone Masonry, Decorative Concrete & Pavers

Natural ledge stone, cultured stone and concrete pavers can be used to create walls, fire places, driveways, patios and most any hardscape element needed in the garden.

tall column rock screen Natural Stone Walls & Retaining Walls

Because of the nature of Northwest properties, retaining and accent walls are often necessary. But walls do not need to be eyesores. They can be attractive highlights to your yard while serving a required purpose. “Dry stack” walls, ledge-stone walls, masonry pillars, brick walls, concrete block and mortared rock are just a few of the terms you will hear in the world of landscaping. These products allow landscapers to create outdoor art. Dry stack, concrete block, mortared rock are long lasting and visually interesting. When designed and implemented appropriately these common landscape products are long lasting and visually interesting.

formal dimensional flagstone patio Flagstone Specialists

Flagstone comes in many colors and sizes. It can be cut to specific dimensions (similar to tiles) or it can be installed in large random slabs to create a very natural looking patio or walkway.

covered outdoor room with fireplace Outdoor Rooms

The term "Outdoor Room" is used to describe an area in your yard that is planned, designed and built for a specific purpose. It can include a kitchen area, fire pit or fire place, be covered or open, cozy or spacious. We understand and have built dozens. If you can answer the "why?" we can help determine the best place, materials and amenities.

stone patio steps Boulder Installation, Rockeries & Stairways

The complexity, color and pure size of boulders and rocks create fantasy worlds that intrigue and captivate. Outcroppings and rockeries also function as privacy screens, divide and organize land for traffic flow and purpose and, of course, beautify. Slopped land is common in the Northwest so stairways are often required to get full use of your property. Reynolds Landscape specializes in boulder and stone steps as well as flagstone and concrete stairways.

aggregate driveway with brushed colored borders Driveways & Parking

Driveways and parking areas often referred to as "hardscaping" do not have to be an eye-sore. They can blend in to your landscape as if nature herself had placed them there. Stamped concrete, paving stones, aggregate or even gravel can be used to create driveways and parking that will enhance and beautify your property while increasing its value.

aggregate driveway with brushed colored borders Sprinklers & Lighting

The new technology for lighting, sprinkler systems and water features make better use of our natural resources. A well-installed sprinkler system will not only guard your landscape investment, it will save you water by controlling how much water you use. Once it is dark outside, a low voltage lighting system allows you to enjoy your garden in the evening and adds a sense of security.

aggregate driveway with brushed colored borders Landscape Structures

Landscape structures may be an inviting arbor or a large entertainment pavilion. With the amount of rain we get in the Northwest, a covered patio or cooking area provides a yearround benefit. Whatever can create an atrractive and useful covered space.

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